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You can’t go a few feet in this city without running into someone who’s making a living doing something untraditional, whether it’s running a bicycle weed-delivery business, managing a pirate-supply store or some other quirky pursuit in the counterculture tradition of our city. From the visionaries behind City Lights Books to the musicians who sprung from Haight-Ashbury in the ’60s, the creative spirit runs deep in San Francisco, and it’s something that’s naturally a strong source of pride among longtime residents.

And here comes the “but.” But in spite of this, San Francisco is not known as a podcasting hub, as the set with those talents generally heads to Chicago or New York, for obvious reasons. In spite of tons of other artistic endeavors that go down here, one could say that the scene is just barely emerging. Consider this: not even StartUp, the super-popular podcast about what it’s like to start a company, is based here. (That one’s in New York).

Although the podcasting scene features a slightly smaller crowd, it’s still brimming with talent. You might know the names of some of the regional big shots, but if not, here’s the lowdown on the homegrown podcasters who are working their audio magic near you.

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