The following members have graciously offered to open their homes (under their terms- and depending on availability) to EO members coming into town who prefer not to stay in a hotel and prefer to stay in a home with an EO member.

Please contact them directly at the addresses below:

Shelby Scarbrough Shelby Scarbrough –

A bedroom can often be available for up to two people for 2 nights in Danville, CA – 40 miles east of San Francisco. This is a beautiful suburban area, but not easily accessible to daily commutes to San Francisco. A good base for discovering the greater region if you are willing to drive. This area is very nice, but not usually the first choice of geography for visitors to the area. The residence is a condominium. Not sexy, but the price is right.

A bedroom in my private home in Yountville, CA – The heart of the Napa Valley. Available for up to 2 people for a 2 night stay in my home. The home is small, but very conveniently located on the main street just 3 doors north of The French Laundry restaurant.