Fisherman’s Wharf


Fisherman’s Wharf is a neighborhood and popular tourist attraction in San Francisco, California. It roughly encompasses the northern waterfront area of San Francisco from Ghirardelli Square or Van Ness Avenue east to Pier 35 or Kearny Street.


Whether planning a visit or seeking information, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on how a historic era still influences the present-day culture, events, sights, sounds, and food of San Francisco’s most famous waterfront community.

As San Francisco’s most popular visitor destination, Fisherman’s Wharf offers a wide range of land, sea, and air activities. For ideas about what to do, check out the listings at Fisherman’s Wharf website (offering the best in San Francisco Cruises, Rentals, and Sightseeing Tours available at Fisherman’s Wharf.)

A food lover’s haven, Fisherman’s Wharf boasts some of the best dining in the world. Salivate over fresh Dungeness crab served steaming hot at outdoor stands or in a variety of gourmet recipes at the Wharf’s many seafood restaurants. The Wharf’s eclectic mix of international cuisine is sure to make a hit with your taste. There’s something for everyone at Fisherman’s Wharf! During the day, take advantage of unique attractions. Pose with a celebrity wax figure, catch a shark feeding, or jump into a 3D interactive film. At night, stay entertained with live music, theater, dancing, comedy clubs and much more. ​

Not only will you find restaurants, tour attractions and shopping at Fishermans Wharf, but you can connect with notable businesses in the community. All year-round, there are events to attend and milestones to experience.


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